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The deadline for scholarships has been extended to Monday, January 28, 2019.

  The application deadline is:

  1)  JANUARY 25, 2019 - If turned into school Career Center (Preferred Method).

  2)  If mailed, must be postmarked by JANUARY 25, 2019.  Mail to Elk Grove Regional

       Scholarship Foundation, P.O. Box  2021, Elk Grove, CA  95759-2021

It is very important that you READ and FOLLOW the steps below when applying for a scholarship:

Please note that the current scholarship application reads 2017.  We are currently trying to fix this but at this time, you can apply on the current application and it will be accepted. 

Step 1:     Download the sample application before attempting to apply for a scholarship so you know what information to have available when you sit down to apply.  Allow at least one (1) hour to fill out your first application so you can complete it before hitting send and print.  This is the only way to save your information.  Once you hit send and print, the first page of your application cannot be changed. 

Step 2:    First go to the application at the top titled "Begin Application Process Here!"  You MUST complete the section above financial aid before hitting send.  After hitting send, that section cannot be changed.  The rest of the application can be added to or changed, just save again and always go back to the most recent application.  When this application is complete, you can then click on any scholarship that you are qualified for to apply.

Step 3:     Double click on the scholarship below to read the criteria of the scholarship to see if you are eligible to apply.  Only apply for the scholarships which you qualifiedIf you do not meet the criteria of the scholarship, your application will be disqualified.  We recommend that you download the criteria of each scholarship that you apply for so you have the required information to turn in with the application.

Step 4:   Use the "Search Scholarships" on the left side of WEB page to search scholarships by GPA and school.  This will narrow the list of scholarships you might be eligible to apply for.

 Step 5:   The first time you apply for a scholarship, you must create a new account.  Make sure your e-mail address is correct.  If you do not have an e-mail address, complete one for yourself.  Do not use your parent's.

 Step 6:    Fill out all information on the application under "Begin Application Process Here", then hit Submit and Print (at the end of the application).   Make sure that the application is complete before hitting Submit and Print. Once you have completely filled out this application, you can go to any other scholarship that you qualify for and hit "apply" and all your information will be populated.  If your application is not complete, the application will be disqualified.  Hitting Submit and Print will save your information so you can easily fill out additional scholarship applications.  It is important that you hit Submit and Print for every scholarship you apply for.  Allow a minimum of one (1) hour to complete your first application.

 Step 7:    Print the application(s).  Sign the application(s) and attach all the required information and turn in to   your high school Career Center or mail to the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation by the deadline date to be official.  Be sure the application is signed in BOTH places or the application will be disqualified.  Please be sure to include information requested for each scholarship such as:  transcripts, essays, signed letter(s) of recommendation as indicated on the scholarship criteria.

 If you have problems or have questions, please check with the career center at your school or e-mail us at contact@elkgroversf.org.

 Click here to download Sample Application


All Scholarship applications must be completed on line.  You must print every application separately and attach information that is requested to each application.

Only students who receive scholarships will be notified.  You will be notified by the school Career Center or Counseling Office and will receive an invitation from the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation to our "Spotlight on Scholarships" event on Thursday, May 2, 2019.





Name of Scholarship Specific Requirements for Applying GPA Amount
Begin Application Process Here! (Student Application) 0.0 @ $
The Adreani Family

Entering Teaching or Special Education

2.5 1 @ $1,700
Kay & Gil Albiani

Majoring in Agriculture, Government, or Teaching

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Clifford J. Angell Memorial Scholarship

Studying Fire Science to pursue a career in the Fire Service (firefighter, arson investigator, etc.); Natural Resources and Conservation; Forestry; or Wildlife/Fish/Wildlands Management.

3.0 1 @ $1,000
BBVA Compass

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,500
Karen Louise Behr sponsored by P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) Chapter XS

Female Student

3.5 1 @ $1,000
Bettering the Generations of Tomorrow - City of Elk Grove

Public Administration, Government, Public Policy or Political Science

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Lorin Brown Memorial

Interest in Music

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Bullard/Wirt Foundation 3.5 1 @ $1,000
Faye Bundesen

Majoring in engineering, health, construction or construction-related trade

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Jeremy Callaway Memorial

Played two sports in high school

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Carlisle Family Memorial: Marion L. Markofer Carlisle, George Robert Carlisle, Margaret (Pat) Polhemus Dart Carlisle


3.0 1 @ $1,000
Carrothers Family

Business Administration/Accounting Preference

2.5 1 @ $2,750
Raymond Case Memorial

EGUSD student enrolling in Cosumnes River College or current Cosumnes River College student.

2.0 1 @ $1,000
C. Cantrell and Helen Carr Castello Memorial

Agriculture Related Field or Education

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Walter O. Castello and Blanche Elliott Castello

Interest in a career in the Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Raymond J. Cavanagh

LGBT student who overcame adversity in middle and/or high school or student who has been productive and supportive of issues dealing with diversity and tolerance on the campus or in the community.

2.5 1 @ $1,250
Cosumnes River College Presidential

Not Specified

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Rebecca & Charles Davis

Education/teaching at Preschool thru 12th grade (Regular Ed and Special Education)

2.5 1 @ $2,000
Walt Davis Automotive

Automotive Mechanics Technology Program or Ford Asset Program

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Walt Davis Memorial - Elk Grove Rotary

One scholarship will be given to each of the following high schools: Elk Grove, Pleasant Grove, Monterey Trail, and Sheldon. Two scholarships may be given to one school if no qualified applicants are at one of the four schools.

3.5 4 @ $2,375
Chet & Reno Dawson Memorial Teaching/Education 3.0 1 @ $1,250
Hayden G. Dawson Memorial

None Specified

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Harriet Eddy Middle School, ASB

Student who attended Harriet Eddy Middle School for 7th and 8th Grade. Preference given to students entering the field of Education or Counseling

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Robert Frederick Ehlers Memorial

Business Related Field

3.0 1 @ $500
Elk Grove Artists

Major or Minor in Visual Arts

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Auto Mall

Auto Technology

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce Business

Business or Management

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Citizen of the Year

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,500
Elk Grove Honor Roll None Specified 2.5 1 @ $1,250
Elk Grove Laguna Forum Community Scholarship


2.0 3 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Lions Club Memorial Scholarship in honor of Paul Betschart, Gary Dapelo, Henry Kloss, and Ted Schmidt

None Specified

2.5 2 @ $1,125
Elk Grove Optimist Memorial

None Specified

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Presbyterian Church

Please indicate in your personal statement if you are a first generation college student.

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Elk Grove Tea Party

Entering military or majoring in U. S history, political science, or governmental studies.

3.0 1 @ $1,000
EGUSD Employees

None Specified

2.0 6 @ $1,000
EGUSD Golden Anniversary

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,250
EGUSD Staff & Former Students

None Specified

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Merrilee Lewis Engel


2.5 4 @ $1,187.50
Jim Fales Memorial

Interested in Higher Education.

2.0 1 @ $750
Bob Fite Memorial

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $2,500
Florin Road Bingo


2.0 3 @ $2,500
Fog Willow Friends of the Farm

Going into the field of teaching or Agriculture.  Student must have extensive community involvement.

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Ron Folsom Memorial

Student must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited junior college, college, or university. Student must major in Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, or Interior Design.

3.0 1 @ $3,000
Fossgreen Family

Interest in Teaching

3.0 1 @ $1,500
Friends of the Foundation

General Education

3.0 2 @ $2,500
Future Teachers

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Chris Gladden Memorial Must be involved in music program. To be verified by Music Director's letter of recommendation. 2.0 1 @ $1,000
Barbara Grueneberg Memorial

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,500
Guttridge Family

Pursuing a career in Agriculture, Business, or Fashion/Design

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Daniel Harry Memorial

Leadership student: either ASB or class council at EGHS

4.0 1 @ $1,500
Carolyn and Dick Harry Memorial

Pursuing career in Agriculture

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Greg Heguiagary

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $2,000
Wayne Heintz Memorial FFA

Student will choose a course of study leading to: a future in production agriculture; animal husbandry/veterinary science; an educator in agriculture; the promotion and advancement of agricultural interests, or other agriculture related field.

2.5 1 @ $2,000

Career in Journalism

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Robert Holm Memorial

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Cy & Marsha Holmes Family Scholarship


2.5 1 @ $1,000
Home Field Advantage in Honor of David Simpson and in Memory of Earle Smith

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Interwest Consulting Group

Interest in Engineering, Public Administration, or Public Policy

3.0 5 @ $2,000
Isabelle C. Jackson Education Memorial

Pursuing Teaching Career

2.0 1 @ $2,750
Al Jones Memorial

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Bud (Marvin) Jones Memorial None Specified 2.0 1 @ $1,000
Elizabeth Jones Nursing

Pursuing Nursing Career

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Vernon Kellogg Memorial

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Dr. George Kibby Memorial

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $2,500
Kiwanis Club of Elk Grove/Jessie Baker Memorial

Pursuing a career in Special Education Teaching or other similar teaching for students with special needs.

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Kiwanis Club of Elk Grove

Member of High School Key Club

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta Foundation, Inc.

Seniors must live in the Pleasant Grove High School attendance area or be residents of Rancho Murieta, Sloughhouse or Wilton.  Students who attend a private high school may apply if they live in the above areas.

2.0 3 @ $2,000
Laguna Creek High School Principal's

Enrolled in Strategy Program

2.0 1 @ $1,500
Laguna Creek High School Service Learning

Not Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Laguna Creek High School - Student of Life

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Lambert Scholarship for School Leaders

Must be or have been an ASB officer or an officer or leader of a school club or organization.

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Jack C. & Elaine Larsen Vocational

Pursuing Trade or Technical courses

2.0 1 @ $750 for 2 years
Leadership Elk Grove Class of 2018

Leadership and/or community service interest

2.0 1 @ $2,735
Robert H. (Bob) Lent

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,250
Spencer Levin

Played sports for a minimum of 2 years or have held a steady job.

3.5 1 @ $2,500
Steven E. Looper

The student must be pursing a degree in education and is alumnus of James McKee Elementary School. 

3.0 1 @ $1,000
The Lucia Family Leadership

Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

3.0 1 @ $3,000
William H. Lugg

None Specified

2.5 1 @ $500
Judy Luna Memorial

Pursuing career in Business, Administrative Assistant, School Employee

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Mark Macres Memorial

Every other year the scholarship will alternate between a student at Florin High School and a student at Monterery Trail High School. This year the scholarship will go to a Florin High School student.

2.0 1 @ $1,250
Madeira Fund

None Specified

3.0 7 @ $2,175
Marine Corps League

Recipient must be a relative of an active duty Marine, or a Marine Corps Reservist, or a former Marine honorably discharged from the Corps, or a present or former U.S. Navy Corpsman who served honorably with Marine FMF Units in excess of 90 days. Order of priority for relative criterion is 1) father/mother, 2) brother/sister, 3) grandfather/grandmother, and 4) uncle/aunt.

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Chris Marshall Scholarship of Excellence

The recipient from Elk Grove High School needs a minimum of 3.8 GPA and the recipient from EGUSD needs a minimum 3.5 GPA

3.5 2 @ $1,250
James Mazzaferro Music Director's Award

Majoring in instrumental music or emphasis in teaching music/music education

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Rene Mendoza International Studies

Interest in studying Global Affairs/International Studies

3.0 1 @ $2,720
Gerry Lynn Meyers Memorial

This scholarship will be chosen by teacher or counselor at EGHS.  Students need not apply.

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Natasha Moore Achievement Award

Preference if given to student interested in becoming an educator.

3.0 2 @ $2,000
Consolacion Neihart Memorial

To continue education at a 2-year or 4-year college, or technical school leading to a terminal degree (associates/bachelors) or certificate.

2.7 1 @ $2,000
Joseph Nurre Football Memorial

None Specified

2.5 1 @ $1,750
O'Brien, Rath, Weaver Family

Applicant going into the Education, Agriculture, or Engineering field.

2.5 1 @ $2,000
Peter & Sue Okamoto

Pursuing a Business, Engineering, or Trade-Related career

3.0 2 @ $1,750
Elliott M. Olson Memorial

Interest in teaching, social science or general education

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Melvin & Lena Oneto

Interest in Agriculture

3.0 1 @ $2,750
Elizabeth Pinkerton Family and History Happened Here

Interested in History, Writing, and Community

3.5 5 @ $1,000
Pride of Laguna Creek Lions In Memory of Ron Oneto, Charter President

Minimum of 300 hours of community service during the 4 years of High School.  Preference given to student who has given at least 20 hours of service to assist a Lion's Club.

3.0 1 @ $1,250
PSWA (Psychol. Soc. Work. Assn)/Linda Heidelberg

Interested in majoring in Mental Health

2.5 1 @ $2,500
River City Bank

Business or Finance Major

3.0 1 @ $1,500
Helen M. Roemer Memorial

Pursuing a career in Teaching. If a student does not qualify for scholarship in the teaching field, the scholarship will be given to a deserving student with a 3.0 GPA in another field.

3.0 1 @ $2,500
Rotary Club of Elk Grove

None Specified

3.5 1 @ $2,250
Rotary Club of Laguna Sunrise 2.5 1 @ $1,500
Yvette T. Rowlett Memorial

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Sansone Family Trust

None specified

2.0 2 @ $2,000
Sansone Scholarship for Monterey Trail High School


2.0 1 @ $2,000
Rick & Glenna Sansone - Foster Youth

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $2,000
Sophia Scherman Women in Political Science

A female senior showing an interest in pursuing a career in Political Science/Government

3.0 1 @ $1,250
JoEllen Shanks Memorial

Interest in teaching or education

In Personal Statement, applicants must include a paragraph describing how a teacher or teachers impacted their life.

3.0 1 @ $3,250
George & Virginia Signorotti & Pepsi-Cola

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,500
Celesta Simas Memorial

Animal Science or Veterinary Medicine

2.0 1 @ $1,000
Simas Floor and Design Company

Pursuing career in Construction Trade

2.5 1 @ $1,000
T.R. and Irene Smedberg Memorial

Math/Science major interested in Teaching Secondary Level

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Earle Smith Memorial

Student must be involved in activities that benefit and enrich the entire community.

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Soroptimist International of Elk Grove

Student must be a female

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Soroptimist International Elk Grove Star Award

Student must be female and in foster care (a female foster youth)

2.5 1 @ $1,000
Anthony J. Souza & Christina I. Souza FFA

Student must be involved in the FFA at Elk Grove High School


3.0 1 @ $1,000
Souza Dairy FFA

Student must be involved in the FFA at Pleasant Grove High School

3.0 1 @ $1,000
Darren Suen

Students majoring in STEM (Science, Techology, Engineering, Math) studies in a 2-year or 4-year accredited college or university.

3.2 1 @ $1,000
Trudy Tallerico Memorial

Participant in Spirit Activities such as Cheer, Songster, Pep Band, Drill Team, Flag, etc.

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Robert L. Trigg

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,600
Mary & Al Tsukamoto Memorial None Specified 3.0 2 @ $1,000
Veninga Family

Pursuing a Business career

3.0 1 @ $2,500
Susan G. Verne Memorial

Pursuing a career in Teaching or Social Science area of interest to include: social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, writer, historian, librarian, economist, police officer, parole officer, politician, lawyer, judge, court reporter, public employee/civil servant, and others.

2.7 1 @ $5,500
Howard Wackman Memorial

1. Pursuing career in Agriculture field 2. Applicants need to be involved in FFA or 4-H activities.

3.0 1 @ $2,500
Warren Weaver Agricultural Service

Pursuing career in the field of Agriculture

2.5 1 @ $2,000
Valerie Welch & Friends of Valley High School

Applicant should have a 2.5 cum GPA or 3.0 11th & 12th grade

2.5 1 @ $1,500
Whitelock Family Memorial

Student must be pursuing a career in Business or Teaching

2.7 1 @ $3,250
Erika Wiese Humanitarian

None Specified

2.0 1 @ $1,250
Coach Jim Wilson Scholar-Athlete

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $2,000
Lillian & Warren Woodward Memorial

None Specified

3.0 1 @ $1,000

Foster or adopted youth.

2.5 1 @ $1,000
John Zehnder Family

Applicant needs to have received a varsity letter in a CIF (Calfiornia Interscholastic Federation) sanctioned sport and demonstrated good sportsmanship and school spirit.

2.0 1 @ $4,500

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