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Scholarships: General Information

The deadline for scholarships has been extended to Monday, January 28, 2019.

In 2019, scholarships totaling over $220,000, will be awarded to Elk Grove area students.

The scholarships that are generated and managed through the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation vary considerably in both amount of award and in the profiles of intended recipients.

The criteria describing intended recipients are determined by the individual or group who establishes the scholarship through initial donations and a commitment to endow.  For instance, community involvement may be a criterion for some EGRSF scholarships, but not for others.  Some are intended for students who enroll in four-year colleges; some are for students who plan to attend trade schools. 

The EGRSF offers scholarships for individuals pursuing various careers including agriculture, nursing, education, auto mechanics, politics, and the arts, to name a few.  Please see the list of scholarships with details about each.

Be sure to fill out the application COMPLETELY.  Incomplete applications will NOT be eligible.
Please note the following when filling out scholarship applications:

1)    Application deadline is:  JANUARY 25, 2019 - If turned into school Career Center (Preferred Method).  If mailed, must be postmarked by JANUARY 25, 2019.  Mail to Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, P.O. Box 2021, Elk Grove, CA  95759-2021

2)    All applications must be completed and submitted on-line.  We will not accept a handwritten, typed, or non-submitted application.

3)    We recommend that you download the "sample" application first.  This application will show you what information you will need when filling out your scholarship application.

4)    Before applying for any scholarship, fill out the application at "Begin Application Process Here!"  If you begin filling out the application here, you must complete the first page through financial need information and save it.  You can come back and complete it at a later time.    DO NOT APPLY FOR ANY SCHOLARSHIPS UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR APPLICATION HERE.

5)    Must be at least a high school senior to apply.

6)    Please allow a minimum of one (1) hour to complete your first application.

7)    After submitting your application on-line, please print a copy of the application, sign it (in both places), and turn it in to the Career Center Counselor at your school for review for completeness (preferred method) by JANUARY 25, 2019, or mail to the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, P. O. Box 2021, Elk Grove, CA  95759-2021.  If mailed, it must be postmarked by JANUARY 25, 2019

Please staple (NOT paper clip) in this specific order:

      *  Application - Make sure application is signed in both places.  If not, your application will be disqualified.

      *  Personal Statement - Must be typed directly into your application in the space provided.  No additional pages can be   

         added or it will be disqualified.

      *  Transcript - If not attached, your application will be disqualified.

      *   Letters of Recommendation - All letters of recommendation must be signed or application will be disqualified

       *  Essay or other information (if required) - If required and not attached, your application will be disqualified.

6)    Pay close attention to the "Additional Qualifications" and "Required Letters of Recommendations" for each scholarship as they vary from scholarship to scholarship.

7)    If you are chosen as a recipient, you'll be required to:

  • Provide proof of your social security number.
  • Write a thank you note to the scholarship donor and turn into your high school Career Center by April 5, 2019.
  • E-mail a picture of yourself by April 5, 2019, to your high school Career Center.
  • E-Mail with your picture the following information:

                     a)  Your name
                     b)  The school you are currently attending
                     c)  The college you are planning on attending
                     d)  Anticipated major
                     e)  Name of scholarship you are receiving
                     f)   Pronunciation of your name




E-Mail Address

Traditional High Schools:



Cosumnes Oaks

Amy Warren


Elk Grove

Amanda Conkin



Deborah McGlothin



Kellie Larsen


Monterey Trail

Carol Matthews


Laguna Creek

Maria Almeida


Pleasant Grove

Gina Williams



Angie McCabe



Lisa Wolf





Alternative High Schools:




Lisa Flores



Toni Singh


Las Flores

Pa-Lack Lee


Rio Cazadero

Cynthia Cortes


Elk Grove Charter

Lisa Valenzuela







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