Application to Establish a Scholarship Fund

The Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation administers two types of scholarships:

Endowment Scholarship

An “endowment” scholarship is one that achieves the goal of at least $20,000 invested within a six (6) year period or less. When fully funded at the $20,000 endowment level, the endowment will be allocated four (4) scholarship units. Expanded levels are in $5,000 increments (above the initial $20,000) and will increase the scholarship by one unit each. As of November 2007, each unit represents $250 in scholarship dollars awarded; however, unit values are adjusted according to prior year’s earnings, subject to Board approval. The full endowment contribution must be received by the Foundation by March 30 a full year prior to the scholarship being awarded.

Pass Through Scholarship

This is a one-time scholarship funded no later than September 30 of the year prior to the May Spotlight on Scholarships Award Night (a minimum of $1,000 is required with a $25 annual processing fee).

  • You may select and create the criteria for the scholarship you are establishing within IRS guidelines. These may include such things as grade point average and college major.

What are the Steps to Establish a Scholarship with the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation?

  • Complete the included Application to Establish a Scholarship and return it to the Foundation.
  • Include initial contribution and $25 processing fee made payable to Elk Grove Regional Scholarship.
  • Foundation with the scholarship name on the memo line of the check.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. This committee may contact you for clarification or further information. An e-mail address is necessary.
  • The Scholarship Committee will recommend acceptance or rejection of the scholarship. (Your application will not be forwarded to the Board until it is complete.)
  • The Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation Board will accept or reject your scholarship.
  • You will be notified of the Foundation’s decision.

Application deadline is September 30 of the year prior to the May Spotlight on Scholarships event.

Note: Please be advised that this application is subject to the Scholarship Policy in effect as of the date hereof and that the policies, terms, and conditions set forth in the Scholarship Policy shall control any contribution by you in establishing a scholarship fund. Once the scholarship has been approved and established, it will be subject to any amendments and changes subsequently made to the Scholarship Policy by the Board of Directors. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility of any donation to the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation.

Apply Online to Establish a Scholarship Fund

Please fill out the form in its entirety to apply to establish a scholarship fund.

    Contact Person: (This section must be completed in entirety)

    Scholarship Recipient Qualifications (Guidelines to Consider)

    Please provide enough criteria to choose amoung many applications.

    Schools or Geographic Location of Scholarship Eligibility:

    (Example: One or more schools, the district, or a geographic area)

    EGUSDCosumnes Oaks HighElk Grove HighFlorin HighFranklin HighLaguna Creek HighMonterey Trail HighPleasant Grove HighSheldon HighValley HighCalvine HighLas Flores HighRio Cazadero HighWilliam Daylor HighElk Grove CharterElk Grove Virtual AcademyAdult EducationCosumnes River College

    (must be 2.0 or above)

    Preference Given to Financial Need: YesNo

    We follow CalGrant A Guidelines. Visit for current guidelines.

    (i.e. interest in agriculture, teaching, etc.)

    College or School Requirements: (You can choose more than one.)
    Four-Year College/UniversityCommunity CollegeVocational School

    Please Designate Full-Time Student or Part-Time Student:

    Full-Time StudentPart-Time Student

    Involvement in School Activities (Extracurricular Activities): YesNo
    Involvement in Community Service Activities: YesNo
    Letters of Recommendation: YesNo

    Scholarship Recipient to be Chosen By: (Please select one)

    Elk Grove Unified School District Scholarship Selection Committee (Composed of 2+ Members of the Counseling Staff from Each School Involved)Specific School Scholarship Committee (i.e. Elk Grove High, Florin High, etc.) (Composed of 2+ Members of the Counseling Staff)Community Leaders Selection Committee (Composed of 5+ Business/Community Leaders in EGUSD Area)

    Type of Scholarship Fund: (6 years for full payment of Endowment)

    Endowment Scholarship FundPass-Through Scholarship FundEndowment Fund with Yearly Award until Fully Funded*

    (The minimum Yearly Award Scholarship Amount is $1,000 due by September 30 each year you wish to be awarded.)

    Endowment Scholarships:

    *An Endowment Scholarship is awarded only after the Endowment has become fully funded. If you would like to give a scholarship prior to full endowment, you may give a Yearly Award Scholarship until your Fund reaches endowment level.

    Pass-Through Scholarships:

    (The minimum scholarship amount is $1,000 plus an annual $25 processing fee per scholarship)

    Requested changes in an initial scholarship application must be presented to the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation in writing. After the scholarship has been established, changes requested by the donor will be considered; however, the Foundation is not obligated to change the previously established scholarship criteria.

    For Honorary or Memorial Scholarships Individual Biographical Information

    (Attach as .jpg/.jpeg file)
    (Attach as .pdf, .doc, or .docx file)

    For Organization or Business Sponsored Scholarship

    (Mission Statement or History/Purpose)
    (Attach as .jpg/.jpeg file)

    *I hereby acknowledge the information contained within this application is the property of the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation and may be used for various purposes associated with the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation’s mission. And furthermore, I do hereby release Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, its officers, directors, and agents, from any claim associated with its administration.

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