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Blissful Retreat & Rescue - Baker Family Scholarship

Scholarship Information & Requirements

Scholarship Information & Requirements


1 @ $ 1,000
  • Calvine High
  • William Daylor
  • Las Flores High
  • Rio Cazadero High
  • Adult Education


Minimum Required Grade Point Average: 2.0
Financial Need: Preference given
Post Secondary Type of School: Community College or Vocational School
Specific Requirements for Applying: Female student interested in a 2-year degree (AA) and/or vocational school receiving a certification.
Attendance Requirement: Full Time, Part-Time with 6+ units
Required Participation in School Activities: Yes
Required Participation in Community Activities: Yes
Additional Qualifications: None
Required Letters of Recommendation:  3 Letters – Verifying Extracurricular Activity, 1 from Community Service Involvement/Community Service leader, other
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Scholarship OwnerJon & Jackie Baker
The Baker Family are offering this scholarship to “Pay it Forward” to a female student that may have the drive but not the financial advantage to pursue their education beyond high school.
christine chao
Christine Chao
2022 Recipient