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Supporting students around Elk Grove for over 30 years with more than
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A premier farm-to-fork fundraiser where guests are served a five-course meal.


About The EGRSF

The Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the college and career plans of students in the Elk Grove Unified School District area.  Scholarships are provided every year from the endowments and donations of community members, families, individuals, businesses, and community organizations.

It is a great pleasure to be able to provide scholarships for our splendid students, assisting them with their college and career plans. It is also a wonderful way to support education in our Elk Grove community, and we are grateful for the opportunity.Elizabeth Pinkerton – Elizabeth Pinkerton

The Elizabeth Pinkerton Family and History Happened Here Scholarship is important to me because it shows me that the community of Elk Grove truly cares about my plans for the future regarding my career and dream to attend college. Thanks to this scholarship, I now have extra funds to help pay off my fees for books,housing, etc. that will allow me to not only be successful in college, but have a fun experience as well. Thank you very much Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation and Ms. Elizabeth Pinkerton for bestowing this beautiful scholarship to me.Jacob Jucio – Jacob Jucio

This scholarship is helping me pursue my future, but also my families as well. I am the first in my family to attend college, as well as the first of four children to attend college. If there is any way to help my parents pay less it is the greatest gift, so thank you to Ms. Pinkerton and the Elk Grove Scholarship Foundation for providing such a great opportunity Feruza Legass – Feruza Legass

A scholarship from Elizabeth Pinkerton Family allows me to take my Education further than I thought possible. It is meaningful to be supported by the very same family that has shaped the education of students all over Elk Grove Middle Schools and High Schools, a support that enables me to seek higher and more advanced education than I could previously seek alone. Sean Nowlan – Sean Nowlan

Events & News

Bounty on the Boulevard

Bounty on the Boulevard Event Photo

Bounty on the Boulevard is Elk Grove’s premier Farm to Table event where guests will enjoy a five-course meal using freshly prepared local ingredients from a culinary team led by local celebrity chef Rebecca Pasqual of Sheldon Inn Restaurant & Bar.

Spotlight on Scholarships

Spotlight on Scholarships Event Photo

In May of each year, we hold Spotlight on Scholarships, an evening of celebration at which scholarship recipients are formally recognized.  Scholarship donors and recipients are paired at this event and given an opportunity to become acquainted with each other.

Spotlight on Scholars

Spotlight on Scholars Event Photo

Each year, the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, Elk Grove Unified School District, and the Elk Grove Citizen recognize scholarship winners by sharing their inspirational stories in a monthly feature called Spotlight on Scholars.

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