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Start an Application

Read Before Starting an Application

Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation is partnering with AwardSpring for students to be able to apply for our scholarships. AwardSpring is a scholarship management company that is assisting us to process scholarship applications, for students to be able to apply for scholarships. Below you will find a link to start filling out your application. Award Spring will match you with the scholarships for which you are eligible to apply. Please note the following:

  • The application process starts on November 27, 2023.
  • The deadline for applying for scholarships is midnight on January 26, 2024.
  • (NOTE: The application deadline for 2024 scholarships has been extended to January 29, 2024)
  • Please fill in all information on the application. Do not leave any blanks. If no information, please put N/A.
  • Please fill in the required information that is listed in the criteria of the individual scholarship by the deadline date.
  • Please upload any information that is needed in the criteria of the individual scholarship by the deadline date.
  • Please read Navigating AwardSpring – A Guide for Applications before starting your application.
  • If you have any questions or concerns while filling out the application, please contact the Career Center at your school site.

Navigating AwardSpring

A Guide for Applicants

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the process of applying for scholarships using the AwardSpring platform.
  • Start by navigating to the AwardSpring site by clicking on the button above.
  • You will land at the login page.
  • In the left menu bar, both Scholarships and Donors are clickable buttons.
  • Scholarships will show you a list of all scholarships that are being offered along with their respective award amounts.
  • Click on a scholarship to see additional information.

To Log-in:

      1. Sign In: If you already have an account, enter your email address and password and click the yellow Sign-In button, or Register: If you do not have an account, you will be directed to a registration page. Enter all of the required information, click the agreement box, and click the Create Account button.
      2. After login/registration, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Important information about your application status and additional instructions will be displayed for you here.
      3. Click the Start Application button to begin filling out your application.
        There are several tabs that make up the entire application. Complete all of them in order to submit your application. Do not leave any tabs blank. If not answering, put in N/A.
      4. You may see an embedded External Request form that requests information from a third party, such as a letter of recommendation. This tool allows you to send a request for a letter of recommendation via email. Personally provide information about yourself on the form which can be obtained from your Career Center. The person writing the letter of recommendation needs to write only one letter and it will be applied to all the scholarships for which you have applied.
        Complete the required information for the External Request and click the Send Request button. The third party will receive an email request and provide the requested information directly to AwardSpring.The request will sit in a pending state until it is completed by the recommender.
      5. Additional, the application may contain more than one External Request form, such as an essay. You should complete any additional requests before submitting the application.
      6. Completing all tabs of your application will enable you to hit the Submit Application button in the lower right corner. Click the tab to submit your application.
      7. You will be directed back to your Dashboard where you will see the number of scholarships to which you have been automatically applied. Click in the gray Applied Scholarships box to view the full list of applied scholarships.
      8. Click Dashboard to return to your Dashboard to view additional information or take further action.
      9. You may be eligible for additional scholarships that require additional information. The Dashboard will prompt you to provide this information.
      10. After completing all follow-up items for the scholarship, click the Resubmit Application button to submit your application. Proceed through all Follow-Up items for all scholarships listed until you see “0 Items requiring completion” on your Dashboard.
      11. You are all set! Any questions, please contact your Career Center.
If you have any technical questions please contact AwardSpring:
Email: | Phone: 888.258.5628, option 2
Support Hours: Monday–Friday: 8am–7pm CST