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Hanford Sand & Gravel, Inc.

Scholarship Information & Requirements

Scholarship Information & Requirements


5 @ $ 4,000


  • Elk Grove High
  • Cosumnes High
  • Florin High
  • Franklin High
  • Laguna Creek High
  • Monterey Trail High
  • Pleasant Grove High
  • Sheldon High
  • Valley High
  • Calvine High
  • Las Flores
  • Rio Cazadero
  • William Daylor High
  • Elk Grove Charter School


Minimum Required Grade Point Average: 2.5
Financial Need: None
Post Secondary Type of School: 4-year university, community college, vocational or business school
Specific Requirements for Applying: Students planning to have a female-owned business or female construction workings.
Attendance Requirement: Full-Time or Part-Time Student (6 credit minimum)
Required Participation in School Activities: No
Required Participation in Community Activities: Yes
Additional Qualifications: Statement to explain ultimate goal of type of business or construction company and why this career was chosen.
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Scholarship owner: Diane Hanford-Butz
scholarship recipient                             scholarship recipient
Rachel Liang                                                          Kaley Wolfe
2023 Recipient                                                      2023 Recipient
scholarship recipient                               scholarship recipient
Gabriela Orellana Cruz                                         Jada Grey
2023 Recipient                                                      2023 Recipient
scholarship recipient
Rachel Le
2023 Recipient