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Jan Langston Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Information & Requirements

Scholarship Information & Requirements


1 @ $ 1,000


  • Elk Grove High
  • Cosumnes High
  • Florin High
  • Franklin High
  • Laguna Creek High
  • Monterey Trail High
  • Pleasant Grove High
  • Sheldon High
  • Valley High
  • Calvine High
  • Las Flores
  • Rio Cazadero
  • William Daylor High
  • Elk Grove Charter School


Minimum Required Grade Point Average: 3.5
Financial Need: Yes
Post Secondary Type of School: 4-year university, community college, or vocational school
Specific Requirements for Applying: Planning to pursue a degree and career in public health, health education, nutrition, or closely related field.
Attendance Requirement: Full-Time Student
Required Participation in School Activities: Yes
Required Participation in Community Activities: Yes
Additional Qualifications: 1 Letter of Recommendation from either an Academy Leader or Supervisor of volunteer work in health-related field
Jan Langston
Scholarship owner: Bill Langston, Family & Friends