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Nguyen Dang Saari Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Information & Requirements

Scholarship Information & Requirements


1 @ $ 1,000


  • Florin High


Minimum Required Grade Point Average: 2.0
Financial Need: Preference Given
Post Secondary Type of School: 4 Year University, Community College or Vocational School
Specific Requirements for Applying: English Learner or Redesignated-Fluent English Proficient according to EGUSD record, first generation post-secondary bound senior
Attendance Requirement: Full-Time Student, Part-Time with 6+ units
Required Participation in School Activities: Not Required
Required Participation in Community Activities: Not Required
Additional Qualifications: None
Required Letters of Recommendation:  2 Letters –  from Florin High School Staff
The Adreani Family Scholarship Owner
Scholarship owner: Friends and Family of Nguyen
Nguyen D. Saari began as a Bilingual Teaching Associate (BTA) in 1982 for the Elk Grove Unified School District.  She worked with Vietnamese students and families form Rutter Middle School and David Reese and Samuel Kennedy Elementary Schools, along with other schools serving Vietnamese speaking students.  In the early 90’s she moved to State and Federal Programs in the Elk Grove Unified District Office where she coordinated the BTA program and the translation of EGUSD parent letters, reports, and documents.  Years before Nguyen retired in 2012, she was awarded EGUSD Employee of the year.
Nguyen volunteered her time to the Vietnamese community in all aspects of living and adapting to the American way of life.  Her devotion to seeing families through difficult times was an inspiration.  Nguyen’s time was their time.  She also worked tirelessly every summer for the Vietnamese American Achievement Award Committee to analyze student’s transcripts, grades 1-12.  The students who received these awards attended a celebration hosted by Florin High School and now Cosumnes River College.